5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Likes Followers and Video Views

    Table of Contents:
  1. Use Images in Content Strategy
  2. Engage in Other Pages or Posts
  3. Keep the Posts Short and Meaningful
  4. Optimize Facebook's SEO
  5. Remember to be Personal
5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Likes Followers and Video Views

There are a couple of ways to boost your Facebook likes, followers, and video views. It cannot be denied that we all want to have more people engaged in the things that we post on our Facebook accounts and sometimes, it can be a little dull. Nevertheless, there are 5 ways to boost those likes, Facebook video views, and followers:

Use Images in Content Strategy

Basically, people are now more engaged with posts containing images or videos, as opposed to text-only posts. Most people don't want to read a very lengthy post on Facebook or elsewhere. Once we find a post that is too long to read, we usually just continue scrolling to the next post.

Thus, it is highly advisable that we place pictures or attractive images to our posts to entice more people into reading it, and to avoid having to explain it all through writing. There are a couple of things that images can do and explain without having to describe every bit of it. That is the beauty of having an image-based content to share our message to the public.

Engage in Other Pages or Posts

For Facebook pages, it is advisable to leave interactive comments on other pages of the same niche so that more people would see it. We must also use our Facebook page account to get our name out there for everyone to see. This can result to getting more followers for Facebook.

We must also make sure not to write any negative comments and the likes of it on other posts. This will definitely downgrade our rating and standing once people see any negative or hateful comments from our accounts. We must make sure to keep a good image to the public to get more and more followers and eventually get more likes and shares as well.

Keep the Posts Short and Meaningful

This is somehow connected to the first item, wherein we should avoid posting lengthy messages. We are not talking to one person only, but we are trying to target the public consisting of millions of readers.

Our Facebook likes, followers, and video views could get up to a million and more. Thus, we must make sure that our posts are just short and enticing. It should be sweet enough, like a guy trying to impress a girl. No girl would ever want to be with a guy who says a lot but does nothing.

It is best for us to be straight to the point. This will make the viewers think that we are sure about our message and that we know just exactly what we want to say.

Optimize Facebook's SEO

It would also help to take advantage of the search engine optimization (SEO) in posting on Facebook. It is always best to use relevant keywords, especially on the title itself. When the topic is being searched on Google, our posts will be generated and will appear on the search engine as well. This is one way to get the word out into a much greater audience, which will generate more likes as well.

Remember to be Personal

It is not advisable to share intimate and personal details about ourselves to the public. However, if we want to engage with more people, we must always remember to still be humane to the public. We should not forget to interact with them, so they know about our existence. This will attract more Facebook likes, followers, and video views in the end. We must always assure the public that their words also matter.

Boosting your Facebook video views, followers, and likes is necessary in getting our word out to a greater audience. Thus, we must do a couple of things to make sure that we are making ourselves visible to the public.

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