Do's and Don'ts to Get Facebook Followers Video Views and Likes

    Table of Contents:
  1. Be Creative to Get Those Shares and Followers
  2. Don't Post During Odd Hours
  3. Be Consistent When Posting
  4. Do Buy Followers, Video Views, and Likes
  5. Don't Use Clickbait!
  6. Do Interact with Your Followers
Do's and Don'ts to Get Facebook Followers Video Views and Likes

Okay, now why does this singing goat have more FB followers, likes, and video views than my company's page? How come this outdated meme format get more shares than my original content on current trends? These are the frustrations of most Facebook users. And the trend wave in social media seems to be more and more unpredictable.

Regardless of the changing trends, there are some key points that remain consistent if you want to ride the waves. These are important to get those Facebook followers, likes and video views, and when you get those, you'd also get more Facebook likes and followers. Here are some Do's and Don'ts when it comes to riding or creating your trends.

Be Creative to Get Those Shares and Followers

With the changing trends, why run after the waves when you can create one? Social media appreciates the original content and the more original you are; the more likely users would share your posts. Your content may be likeable, interesting, or entertaining, but that does not mean people would share them. When I see something interesting or entertaining on Facebook, I would pause and think before hitting that share button. Do I need to share this? Would others also find it interesting?

I wouldn't share something with pretty common content, why should I share it if most of my Facebook friends have seen other content similar to it?

When you are consistent in creating trending content, Facebook followers, FB likes, and video views will flood in because people like to be up to date.

Don't Post During Odd Hours

We have what we call peak hours in social media; these are the times when most people have their accounts open and are browsing. Posting during peak hours gives your content more chances of being seen by more users.

Be Consistent When Posting

Don't just post when you feel like it! Give your followers new content regularly. This can further boost your Facebook followers, likes, and video views.

Do Buy Followers, Video Views, and Likes

Buying Facebook followers, likes and FB video views, and video views can help in keeping your content on the trend wave. The longer it stays there, the more Facebook video views, likes, and followers you get.

Don't Use Clickbait!

Using clickbait is frowned upon. Now, there is a difference between being creative and using clickbait. When you get creative, you make your title sound interesting and get people excited to see your content. This warms them up from clicking on your post to hitting those like, share, and follow button. Using clickbait is a dirty trick that involves lying and exaggerating your title. This would just frustrate Facebook users, and now give your content or your page a second thought the next time.

Do Interact with Your Followers

Your followers are like your fans or your loyal customers. It is important that they feel your appreciation for them to keep those likes and shares coming. Remember the word network in social networking; they are mostly the ones who share your content and put them into other people's attention. They're kind of like your advertisers or your promoters. When you make them feel special and connected to you, this relationship would result in a healthy growth of your social media.

There you have it. These are important things to remember if you want to keep those Facebook followers, likes and video views, likes, and video views coming.

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