How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page?

    Table of Contents:
  1. How to See Who Likes My Facebook Page Using Desktop?
  2. How Can I See Who Likes My Facebook Page via Facebook App?
  3. How Do I See Who Liked My Facebook Page with Facebook Pages Manager App?
How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page?
Learn how you can see who has liked your FB page

How to see who likes your Facebook page? With the amount of time people spend checking their social media accounts, the best way to reach an audience is to utilize the same.

Facebook is one of the primary social media websites available to the masses wherein some individuals may have multiple accounts for different usage.

The added feature of connecting your other social media apps and sites to your Facebook account makes it easier to log in on multiple fields. It can be said that Facebook acts like a social passport as well as unified ID in registering to other apps.

Facebook now offers a new platform with Facebook pages. Designed for businesses, Facebook pages allow users to set-up their own online shops separate from their personal accounts but still managed by the same.

But it's not only business owners who are using Facebook pages. Movements and advocacies, galleries, magazines, authors and other creative people and corporations are utilizing pages to spread awareness and information across the web.

A great feature of Facebook pages is their Facebook Page Insights showing you how far your posts have reached, who reacted to your posts and number of people who engaged with your page. It provides you with a simple overview and graphs that are easily interpreted.

Checking the number of Facebook likes, you receive daily, weekly or monthly helps you to gauge audience impact and involvement, so it's important that you know how to see who likes your Facebook page.

How to See Who Likes My Facebook Page Using Desktop?

Like most sites, desktop view and a mobile view is available in Facebook. They also have an app available in Google Play store, Microsoft store, and Apple App store. Some tabs may not be available on the desktop and vice versa, and with constant updates for the apps, this is an excellent opportunity to write a how-to for aspiring page administrators, curators, and online entrepreneurs.

  1. First, you will need a Facebook account. You will need to be a page administrator to view a page's statistics. You are automatically an "admin" of pages you created. You can also be made into an "admin" by the creator of another Facebook page.
  2. Simply sign-in to your personal account and you will see your homepage. Click on the drop down menu at the first right corner of the web page. It is the arrow next to the Quick Help Icon. Your page or pages will appear listed below. Click the page you want to manage.
  3. You will be redirected to your page's home page. A navigation menu is situated on the top, just below the blue Facebook dashboard showing: Page - Messages - Notifications - Insights - Publishing Tools.
  4. Click on the "Notifications" tab and a list of different interactions of your page will be displayed. A list-type menu is located at the leftmost side, and you can see who likes your Facebook page by clicking on the "Likes" option to filter through all the notifications. The "likes" are listed chronologically, and you will get to see the different Facebook accounts that liked your page.
  5. Another way on how to see who liked your Facebook page is clicking on the "Insights" tab. Then, you will be redirected to an overview of your page's statistics. A menu is available on the left-most side of the page. Click on the "Likes," and you will be shown some people who liked your page. This doesn't show you who specifically like your page, just the number of individuals who did.

How Can I See Who Likes My Facebook Page via Facebook App?

How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page?
It's easy to see who liked your FB page

You may have asked yourself, "How do I see who likes my Facebook page while I'm on the go?" With the updates on the Facebook App, managing your page can also be done via mobile.

  1. Download the app, if you haven't already. Open the app and log on to your Facebook account. You have four icons below the blue bar namely: Newsfeed, Friend Requests, Notifications, and Settings.
  2. By clicking on the Settings icon, you will see a list. From here you can view your profile, see your other accounts that are linked to your FB account, and view your favorites and pages. Choose the page you want to check on. It should be listed along with your Favorites. If not, go to the pages list and click "see all."
  3. How can I see who liked my Facebook page from here? The Facebook page only has three tabs in the app version. Just click on the "Activity" tab. You will see a list that includes "New Likes."
  4. A list of the people who liked your Facebook page will appear, and you even have the option to ban them from your page.

How Do I See Who Liked My Facebook Page with Facebook Pages Manager App?

If you have more phone space, and/or an active page admin, downloading the Facebook Pages Manager App may be the best way to check on your Facebook page.

  1. Download the app, and if you already have the Facebook App, it will ask you if you want to sign in with the same.
  2. The main page you created will be instantly viewable in your app. Click on the Page Settings icon found at the topmost right, next to the word "Page" and click on another page if you want to check on your other pages.
  3. There's an option (three dots) icon found on the lower-most right of your screen. Click the options icon, and you get to see other details of your page.
  4. Under the Activity list, click on the "Likes." A list of Facebook accounts that have liked your page recently will be displayed for your perusal. Unfortunately, you're only limited to the "New Likes" and not the entire list of people who liked your page.

Knowing how to see who likes your Facebook page is just the beginning in managing your Facebook page better.

You get a glimpse of what type of people are enjoying your content so that you can produce more meaningful material and offer more services.

Seeing that your message is being well received or not is a good indicator if and when you need to make a different approach in selling your products and/or delivering information or services to your target audience.