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In this age of the internet, online games are becoming more popularized day by day. Hundreds of new online games pop up on various online platforms often.

These online games have different storylines, gameplays, features, etc. There is one such online game that has becomes extremely popular since it was published online. And that is the online video game of Fortnite, developed and published by Epic Games.

Amongst these versions of the Fortnite online video game, the Fortnite Battle Royale is probably the most popular. This free online video game has a huge following of up to and maybe more than 125 million players all across the world.

If you are an avid fan of the game’s Battle Royale version, then you might have noticed that your fellow players look better than you. And this is because they have access to the in-game currency that helps them buy things from a wide range of accessories.

This in-game currency is called the V-Bucks. The V-Bucks will help you to purchase things like cosmetics, costumes, skins, etc. that can make your character in the game look stylish too. You can even spend these v-Bucks to purchase Battle Passes. These Battle Passes can, later on, help you to unlock even more cosmetics in the game.

What exactly are V-Bucks?

The V-Bucks are virtual currencies used by the game. This in-game currency will help you buy a lot of accessories that can be used in the gameplay. But the players need to buy the V-Bucks using real money. It’s also possible to get them for free by using a Fortnite hack, you can visit Edinburgh Interactive to discover more about that.

How will V-Bucks help a player in the game?

One needs to know that these V-Bucks will not offer the players any choice that could give them an advantage in this competitive game. The in-game virtual currency is solely for improving the fashion of the character using cosmetics, outfits, etc.

Can the transfer of V-Bucks take place between different game accounts?

The V-Bucks are, unfortunately, not transferable from one account to another. This means you cannot send your V-Bucks to a fellow gamer. It is also not possible to get a refund on V-Bucks. If you have bought them and then do not need them later on due to any reason, you will not get any refund on them. All you can do is use that V-Bucks to buy some gifts from the game to gift to your friends who also play the Fortnite Battle Royale game.

Is it possible to buy V-Bucks using one device and transfer them to another device?

Any accessory, cosmetics, etc that is bought using the V-Bucks through a device can be used across all the devices linked to the particular account that bought it. But the V-Bucks bought on a PlayStation 4 or Switch cannot be transferred to any other device.