How to Get 5000 Followers for Instagram

    Table of Contents:
  1. Following Everyone
  2. Using Likestagram
  3. Optimize Your Posts
  4. Buying 5000 Followers for Instagram
  5. Conclusion
How to Get 5000 Followers for Instagram
Discover how to get 5000 Instagram followers

So, you're running an Instagram account. You've got everything set up: you use the right tags, post during peak times of user activity, and are pumping out quality post after quality post regularly. But for some reason, new people aren't flocking in by the droves to follow you and like your quality posts regularly.

This can be quite a bummer when you're running an Instagram account for your business or profession, or you just simply want a whole truckload of followers. To remedy that, here are some methods you can try to get up to 5000 followers for Instagram.

Following Everyone

By following "everyone," this means any potential liker and follower with even the slightest interest in the subject matter of your posts should be followed. This usually entails going to more successful Instagram profiles with a theme similar to yours.

Scour the follower list of other Instagram accounts then give them a follow. When the person that you followed sees your follow request and checks your profile out, they'll be able to see all of your interesting and quality posts. Who knows, they might even be compelled to follow you.

This follow-for-follow tactic is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to drumming up followers for your account. The main downside to this is that it takes a lot of work to keep pressing that follow button and gather potential followers.

You must also keep in mind that Instagram recently started cracking down on users who do this, making it so that you can only follow a certain number of people at a time.

If you abuse the follow limit, you can face a temporary account lockout, and you don't want that, especially if social media is your business' bread and butter.

This tactic will also crowd your following list, and if you end up following up to 7500 accounts, you'll no longer be able to follow any more.

People remedy this by unfollowing the people they mass-followed after a short while. This adds a lot more work to the task, and a couple of the users who follow you and like your content might get upset when one of their favorite Instagram pages unfollows them. This might even result in people unfollowing your account and putting your hard work to waste.

A good tool to use for this tactic is the Crowdfire app which can easily track your competitors' followers and use that as a pool for your next mass-follow session. The app can also find out which of your followers unfollowed you recently so you can unfollow them as well and remove them from your list.

There are also follow-for-follow groups on Facebook where you drop your Instagram link, and people can follow you if they like your content. It also helps to just follow everyone on there, because like you these people are looking for more followers and they usually follow back.

Using Likestagram

Make sure to use Likestagram
Use apps to make the process easier

Likestagram is a nifty little app that works wonders for reaching out to your target niche. The way it works is you tell it which hashtags you want it to look out for, and then it'll like every single post that gets posted with that hashtag.

It's a subtle tactic, but pretty useful when you're just trying to make your presence known in your niche when your posts aren't quite making waves yet. It certainly won't get you up to 5000 followers for Instagram all by its lonesome, but every little bit helps!

Optimize Your Posts

Aside from picking the right filters and hashtags and posting at the right time, you also have to ensure that you have a human presence on Instagram. This means that with every post, you have to make sure that it shows the essence of what you're trying to express to your target audience.

This includes showing your personality with every post caption and comment which makes you feel like a real person behind the account, making it easier for people to connect to you. People will want to follow individuals who they view to be authentic.

It's also a good rule of thumb to streamline your feed. A lot of the stuff that you post may look good at the moment, but as you look back on it when idly scrolling your feed in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon, you'll find that it doesn't quite complement your feed in its entirety, or that it doesn't fit your desired motif. Deleting posts that don't go well with the rest keeps your feed refined and on point.

Buying 5000 Followers for Instagram

Buy 5000 Followers for Instagram
It's possible to purchase 5000 IG followers

If you're looking for a "quick and easy" way to get 5000 followers for Instagram, this tactic right here is the real deal. While it may feel like cheating to some, this tactic is very feasible for businesses and the like who want to get their stuff out to as many people as possible without the long and rigorous process of climbing the Instagram fame ladder manually.

Services like these are dealt in a short and sweet manner. You pay a reasonable price, and within a couple of hours, your account gets boosted from being mildly noticeable to prominent and relevant.

Some services, like the ones they provide over at also offer high quality views and likes for your Instagram posts, which can provide an excellent boom in reach and popularity if you have certain posts that you think need a little enhancement.

The above-mentioned service employs real people with actual personal Instagram accounts to come and view and like your posts and follow your account.

This is great because people who have used subpar bot services before usually got investigated by other users and were outed and shamed for paying for their followers.

This eliminates that fatal possibility by introducing actual Instagram users to follow your account, instead of those obvious cardboard cutout ones that you can get called out for and potentially cause you to lose your credibility.

Of course, the occasional eager sleuth who really has it out for you might scan your followers and see that their likes only rarely coincide with your niche, but such an occurrence is extremely rare. This is definitely much better than services who use bots to fill your follower list.


There's really no easy way to get upwards of 5000 followers for Instagram quickly, short of being an insanely popular service or person. With techniques like these, however, you can work your way towards building your Instagram following and achieve optimal Instagram status.

Now, get out there and become Instagram famous!