6 Easy Steps to Completing a Fake Instagram Followers Check

"The purpose of this page, is not to hand you a mindless piece of software, but instead to teach you the steps on how to audit a follower list to determine quality of engagement, and to perform a check for fake Instagram followers." - CEO of FB Bureau

Fake Instagram followers check
Learn how to check for fake followers on your Instagram profile

What is a Fake Instagram Followers Check and Why should I even Care?

The answer is easily summed up with two words: User Engagement. We all know Instagram is huge. It boasts an active user base of 800 Million Monthly members! The engagement they provide can be harnessed by savvy businesses. These targeted users make up countless targeted business markets.

Which is why they do everything they can, to boost user engagement. Because of the effectiveness of the targeting, there are millionaires made every day. Instagram knows it, you know it, and online marketers know it.

The most effective marketers have developed methods to fine tune their followers. They have focused on active users who regularly comment, like, share, or take action with the content that has been provided for them.

Why is It Important to do a Fake Follower Check for Instagram?

The need for completing a fake followers Instagram check is not always obvious.

The biggest reason, is to ensure you have an active fanbase. Just because you have a large number of fans, doesn't mean you will have more reach or engagement. If you have 100,000 fans, and only get 15-20 likes per post, it's quite obvious that your followers are fake accounts.

If you are ever paying for an influencer shoutouts, you can make sure they have real fans following them. There is no point in paying for someone to give a speech to that empty stadium! Their size of followers might look like it's a large fanbase, but if they are all fake accounts, you are being ripped off.

These fake accounts will certainly do more harm than good. They're not going to be consuming your content. Liking, sharing, and shout-outs, mean nothing, if the actions are only seen by bots. Your whole point is to be influencing humans to take action in one way or another.

Low engagement is bad for account analytics. By having an audience full of empty accounts, you are giving a speech to an empty stadium. The words will fall upon deaf ears, and Instagram will assume your content is irrelevant. When there is lack of engagement, Instagram will begin to shrink your reach!

Because of this shrinking effect, it is important to keep tabs on who is following you. Performing a fake followers check on Instagram helps you isolate the good followers from the bad. Once identified, the fake followers can be removed from following you. This allows for your content to reach the accounts that matter, and improve your analytics.

It will always be necessary to keep tabs on your fanbase, if you want to remain relevant in the eyes of Instagram. I have laid out 8 steps, in order for you to easily identify fake followers, and how to remove the ones that you have found.

Step 1: Check the Profiles of Individual Followers

There are three parts to the first step when conducting a fake follower check.

The first part of this step, begins with the follower list. Look at the usernames. Are there a lot of similarities between accounts? With these tips you will easily spot them. When you have identified usernames, you are able to put together a list to check all at once. Look for the following patterns in usernames:

  • Similar style of numbers and location in the username.
  • Letters and numbers that are seemingly out of place.
  • Random letters and numbers that are illegible.

The second part of this step, looks at user's pictures. Going down the previously created list, it is easy to see if they have profile pictures. Most fake accounts are set up very quickly, and skip the profile picture. They will also not have any other pictures as well. Creating fake engagement is time consuming, and most will not put any effort into their fake profiles.

The third part of this step, is looking at user activity. This is usually easy to spot, because there will be no posting activity at all, or not in a very long time. Most fake accounts are used for the sole purpose of liking and following, and will not have any posting activity. These are considered dead accounts, and will only negatively affect your engagement analytics.

Step 2: Compare Follower Amounts to Post Likes

This is the smoking gun, when identifying profiles that have a fan base full of fake followers.

The most obvious indication of fake users, is found within the engagement rate. A huge fan base means nothing, if they're not responding and interacting with the post. The engagement rate, is considered to be the golden analytic, and with good reason.

This can be figured, very easily. Start by counting the total likes, comments, and shares on a single post. Take that number, and divide by the total number of fanbase. This gives you the engagement rate.

Do this on multiple posts, to give yourself a loose understanding of the engagement rate of the user in question. After doing it a few times, it's easy to do a simple math estimate in your head. If you are buying shout outs from influencers, do the math exactly, to ensure a fair price.

Instagram fake follower check
There are multiple ways to spot phony followers

Step 3: Check Follower Engagement

Determine EXACTLY what their engagement rate is on their posts with simple math.

The higher your engagement rate, the more relevant Instagram sees the content. It will reward the user by showing the posts to more users. If the engagement rate is non-existent or low, it is highly likely there are a lot of fake followers in the fan base. These accounts should be avoided. The following rates are a good rule of thumb to consider.

A poor engagement rate, is between 0 and 1.5%. This is where you're going to see most accounts with fake followers. This translates to seeing up to 15 per 1000 followers.

A good engagement rate, is between 1.5% and 3.5%. Most normal accounts are in this range, as people follow people they like and engage with them. This engagement rate translates to anywhere from 15 to 35 per 1000 followers.

A great engagement rate is from above 3.5% to around 6.5%. These are usually specialized accounts with businesses that have optimized their Instagram account. Excellent pictures, as well as engaging content are the norm. This engagement rate translates from 35 to 65 likes, comments, and shares per 1000 followers.

Step 4: Look to See if There Are Any Instagram Follower Services That Are Following the User

Instagram following services like to advertise themselves as their username. They make an easy target for the spam police.

You can very easily spot the users who are buying such services. Most normal people on Instagram don't realize there are companies like FB Bureau that advertise buying followers. Because of this lack of knowledge, the best way for them to advertise to the unknowing, is name their account, AS THEIR SERVICE.

BuyInstagramFollowers or something similar, is a sign that there are fake Instagram followers in the fan base. A lot of these follower services create armies of empty accounts with the sole purpose of selling a fake fan base to naive users.

These purchasing services don't care that they are putting a target on their client. Their entire business model is churn and burn, so if accounts are banned, they make more and carry on.

Step 5: Determine Real Likes vs Fake Likes

This one is the most difficult to determine, but still has its own revealing pattern.

We talked earlier about the golden analytic: User Engagement. It is the most important, but can also be bought and manipulated by some of the more advanced follower services. Because of this, you can't just count the engagement on a post. You also need to look at the timing, but it's more difficult to do this.

As you scroll further and further back on the user's profile, you should see a gradual decrease in likes. If there was a sudden burst of likes, it can easily be seen as being bought, unless the post went incredibly viral.

Step 6: Check for Spammy Comments

The sixth and final step to spotting fake follower accounts when conducting a Instagram fake followers check.

Everyone has seen a spam comment somewhere online. They are a glaring sign of a fake account. We will look at four categories of comments. Full blown Spam Comments, Nonsense Comments, Support Comments, and Insightful Comments.

After determining what type of comment we are looking at, we are able to easily identify spam comments from fake accounts. Below we will learn the differences between each of them.

Insightful Comment

These are posts by real followers. Comments that are a direct response to your content, discussing the posted picture. When you want to succeed on Instagram, this type of comment is what you strive to attract from your users.

fake followers Instagram
It's easy to spot if people have bought IG followers

Support Comment

These posts can be real followers, or sophisticated bot software. Support comments can look like a person, but they are not exactly interactive to the subject. These are just complements and expressions such as "great post" or "wonderful photo." To determine if these are fake, is to look at the way that user comments on other posts. If it's nearly identical, it's fake.

Nonsense Comment

Nonsense comments like a single letter or series of letters you cannot read are most likely from robot followers. Some comments that don't exactly add up or related to the post are also bots that are just made to look better.

Spam Comment

You can spot actual spam comments when it is entirely unrelated to the post. These are often in the form of links to how or where you can buy more followers, likes, or comments. These are usually how the user makes a bunch of money from home, with malicious links to scams.

Final Thoughts: Performing a Fake Follower Check Check Gives a Better Understanding of a User's Fan Base

The fake Instagram followers check can help you identify which followers are real, and which are fake.

The process will help you get rid of all spam bot clutter and anything unnecessary. This can help you to concentrate more on growing your Instagram account with active users. Users that will actually engage with your content.

Afterwards you are able to quickly determine who is a person, and which accounts are bots. If you were to buy a shout out from an influencer, or followers you now have the intelligent training to be able to spot low quality services, from a mile away! This can help you determine if you're getting your money's worth, or if you're paying for someone to shout out to their massive profile of fake users.