Fake Instagram Followers Check

Fake Instagram Followers Check - Over the years, Instagram has become massive that now reaches and connects millions of users. It is one of the many social media networks that are considered to be the most engaging.

Instagram is not just somewhere someone can post and talk with people. Instagram has been a way for influencers to build awareness to a particular brand or a cause.

Influencers are also known as the social media celebrities that a lot of people follow. When it comes to Instagram, one of the primary issues are having fake followers.

Instagram should grow organically. It means building your account from the ground up and having real followers one at a time.

Fake Instagram Followers Check
    Table of Contents:
  1. Why is it Important to do a Fake Instagram Followers Check?
  2. Check the Profiles of Individual Followers
  3. Compare Follower Amounts to Likes
  4. Check Follower Engagement
  5. Find Out If There are Buying Services Following the Account
  6. Real Likes vs. Fake Likes
  7. Check for Spammy Comments

Why is it Important to do a Fake Instagram Followers Check?

The number of Instagram fake followers might make an influencer look like he has a large fanbase, but these are just fake account and spam-bots.

You might get a lot of followers but having fake Instagram followers can hurt your reputation rather than help you increase your fan base. They can just cause clutter in your audience and will be bad on your account analytics.

There is no any kind of engagement with fake followers Instagram. They will not read your blog, won't share your content, they won't go to your website or buy your products.

It is necessary to keep tabs with your online followers and do fake Instagram followers check.

Fake followers can be easy to identify and can also be removed in a purge. Find out the simple hacks on how to Instagram fake followers check.

Instagram fake follower check

Check the Profiles of Individual Followers

One of the easiest ways you can Instagram fake follower check is by looking through the personal profile of the followers.

Check the usernames of the followers and find out if there are a lot of similarities. Usernames that are also weird like a couple of letters or numbers that don't add up are most probably fake accounts.

One of the sign that an Instagram account is fake is having no profile picture. Most of fake Instagram followers also contain no posts or any activity and has no followers.

Some accounts might have had no activity for a very long time, and they are considered to be dead accounts. They are also as useless as fake followers.

Compare Follower Amounts to Likes

Another way for you to fake follower check Instagram is to compare the number of followers a person has to a number of likes he has.

Fake followers are as good as dead. They will not increase your number of followers but will not like your posts.

If you want to check an account for fake Instagram followers, open up a post or a couple of it. Find out the number of followers the account has and compare it to the average number of likes.

If the number of likes is minimal compared to the number of followers, most of them are probably dummy accounts.

Check Follower Engagement

Instagram is created to help people market something through engagement with their individual fan base. Having fake followers that won't interact with you is pretty useless.

There is only one thing it can give you, a dead follower. Therefore, they won't give you any likes, any comment, and they won't share your posts.

You can easily spot an account with fake followers if the engagement rate is meager despite having a massive number of followers.

Take a closer look at home much interaction and response the influencer's post is getting. If the ratio of likes, comments, and shares to the followers is meager, chances are most of the followers are dead accounts of fake.

Find Out If There are Buying Services Following the Account

Fake Instagram followers are usually not individual people that don't have anything better to do with their time.

They are often created specifically for the sole purpose of selling a fake fan base to Instagram influencers. Fake followers are offered by social media buying services like ours where you can buy Instagram followers, likes and views cheap and fast.

You can easily spot Instagram accounts that are most likely buying their followers when there is a purchase service that is following them.

Buying services are quite easy to find. You can check the Instagram followers and know if there are any follower usernames such as "buy followers," "buy fans," "buy likes," and many similar others.

fake followers Instagram

Real Likes vs. Fake Likes

Being social is the key to be successful on any social media platform. In Instagram, aside from having a huge fan base or massive followers, you need to have a certain level of interaction on your account. You need likes on all your posts, and you need a lot of them.

Social media buying services not only offer fake followers for Instagram influencers, but likes can now also be bought.

It is the reason why just checking the ratio of followers to likes is not enough to spot an account for fake followers.

To find out if an account is buying likes for his posts, you can observe the interaction or the notification for a certain post.

If you can see that there are only a few likes for a given period but then suddenly there is a flood of likes after a few minutes and dies down after a couple of minutes, these likes are most likely bought from a buying service.

Check for Spammy Comments

Followers can be bought for Instagram as well as the likes. Now, there are fake comments too or what is commonly called as spammy comments. These are often delivered by fake accounts or spam-bots.

You can check the comments on a particular post you want to observe. There are four comment categories you have to be familiar with to spot which is most likely a robot follower.

  1. Insightful Comment
  2. When you want to succeed on Instagram, this type of comment should be what you are having. Insightful comments are the real followers.

  3. Support Comment
  4. Supports comments can also help, but they are not exactly interactive. These are just expressions of likes such as "great post" or "wonderful photo."

  5. Nonsense Comment
  6. Nonsense comments like a single letter or series of letters you cannot read are most likely from robot followers. Some comments that don't exactly add up or related to the post are also bots that are just made to look better.

  7. Spam Comment

You can spot actual spam comments when it is entirely unrelated to the post. These are often in the form of links to how or where you can buy more followers, likes, or comments.

The fake Instagram followers check can help you identify which followers are real and which are not. It can help you get rid of the clutter and the unnecessary to concentrate more on growing you Instagram account organically.

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