How to Buy Instagram Likes

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  1. How to Choose Your Instagram Likes Package?
  2. How to Buy Instagram Likes Online?
How to Buy Instagram Likes

How to buy Instagram likes online? For less than $5 you can buy hundreds, if not thousands of Instagram likes, depending on the website you use. If you think about the surge in activities you will receive on your Instagram profile, you shouldn't worry about investing a little money to get your profile buzzling with activities.

If you are lucky enough, the Instagram likes you purchase may become your bigger influencers and with more influencers liking your Instagram contents, you will eventually land the most lucrative social media deals you always dream of.

Purchasing Instagram likes can be insanely easy, and you can make use of multiple websites to purchase different likes, at the same time, the credible ones include; iDigic, Buzzoid and FB Bureau.

One good thing about buying Instagram likes is that most can be bots accounts and some likes will come from legitimate users, most of the legitimate user likes should come from those who signed up for credit likes as well as "follow swapping" - this blend of likes will definitely make your Instagram profile even more interesting because more free users will likely join your Instagram profile when they see how much activities, especially likes, you are getting.

How to Choose Your Instagram Likes Package?

You need to know your Instagram profile very well before you purchase Instagram likes. Here are some tips you should keep in mind;

#1: If your Instagram is already having 500 likes on the average, you don't have to go for a 10,000 likes package, and the reason being that Instagram has a number of employees who work round the clock to detect fraudulent activities, especially the likes and follow incentive activities.

Having a sudden surge in the number of likes on your Instagram profile can get your profile flagged or suspended. For this reason, you should go for an Instagram likes package of 1000 if you already have an average of 400-700 likes on your Instagram profile.

If you have an average of 5000 likes on your Instagram profile, then you can go for a package of 10,000 likes.

#2: Buy Instagram likes incrementally - Experts suggest that Instagram users should go for smaller scale purchases of Instagram likes. The reason you should stick with smaller scale purchases is because of the lower risk.

For instance, there are little downsides to buying few likes, and when you optimize such likes very well, you will naturally double up your likes for free, as brand owners and other individuals see the surge in activities on your profile.

It doesn't make sense buying too many likes at a time and your followers for IG are not engaging in your Instagram activities.

Brands who constantly look for engaging Instagram profiles always look for the engagement rates per post on your profile, hence you don't just get likes, but make sure the likes come from people who will engage in your profile posts every now and then.

How to Buy Instagram Likes Online?

How to Buy Instagram Likes Online

Purchasing Instagram likes is usually frowned upon by Instagram owners and communities, hence you need to be purchase such likes in smaller bits so that you wouldn't raise suspicion. Here are some of the steps you should take when buying Instagram likes;

Step #1: Set up a secured PayPal account

If you want to avoid being scammed, you may want to buy Instagram likes monthly through PayPal, hence you need to ensure that you get secured PayPal, first of all. PayPal is free and it helps secure and hide your sensitive financial information.

Step #2: Search for companies selling Instagram likes

You need to conduct your own search and read authentic reviews on companies selling Instagram likes. Searching for companies selling Instagram likes will also give you an idea of what people are liking on Instagram.

When you search for these sellers through search engines like Google, most of the results you get will be advertisements. You need to explore organic search in order to get better results.

Step #3: Have a review of all your search results

There are several Instagram likes buying outlets to consider, hence it is important that you check consistencies in the top outlets you want to consider for your business.

You need to check their likes package (for instance some outlets or sellers offer rates as cheap as $0.1 per like, while others only offer packages in hundreds), if you need less than a hundred likes, you may want to choose a seller that sells in bits (per like).

Secondly, you need to check their acceptable payment modes, if the seller does not accept PayPal, then it may be a risk to give them your debit or credit card account details. The seller must also provide a privacy guarantee, to ensure the safety of your transaction.

Step #4: Read the terms of usage

Oftentimes, some paid follower websites may offer some options that does not make sense or may not be favourable to your Instagram profile. For instance, some likes may be spammed later, for this reason, you need to check all terms of usage before you agree to purchase the likes.

Step #5: Look up the services you have selected

You need to check the date the service provider started operations and if it has been on for a while, then you should read the honest reviews about such site, and if not, you need to check another seller.

There is no point sticking with an Instagram likes seller, when there are tons of negative reviews on it. Always review and compare different service providers before you make your final choice.

Step #6: Decide your package

If you have been on Instagram for 1 week with less than 100 followers, it will make sense if you purchase a smaller package, hence take the number of followers into account when purchasing your package. This will ensure that you don't raise suspicion on your profile.

Step #7: Purchase over a secured internet network

This will guarantee the safety of your transactions and also ensure that you get the best services. I hope this article helped you to learn how to buy Instagram likes easily.

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