Ideas on How to Boost Instagram Likes, Followers, and Video Views

    Table of Contents:
  1. Post High-Quality Photos
  2. Be Consistent With Your Filter
  3. Use Local Hashtags
  4. Tag a Location
  5. Conclusion
Ideas on How to Boost Instagram Likes, Followers, and Video Views

It's common for a business enterprise to open an Instagram account thinking that they can pull off millions of Instagram likes, followers, and video views.

A month has passed, and the account has only gained several Instagram followers, and there isn't even an ounce of improvement in their social marketing strategy. I was one of those proprietors facing this dilemma. I was on the verge of giving up, but when I tried out a simple strategy, it changed the direction of my business. These tactics are the following:

Post High-Quality Photos

The key relies on making people take an interest in your brand. No one is going to bother looking at a photo with a little visual appeal.

Instagram is known as a photo-sharing platform that supports little features for captioning, primarily because the photo is supposed to be captivating enough to attract the attention of users.

I didn't have to use a DSLR camera worth thousands of dollars to get a good shot. With a decent smart phone and good lighting, Instagram will be your playground.

Be Consistent With Your Filter

I take joy in being creative by using filters. Unfortunately, in getting Instagram likes, it is essential to appear professional.

Being consistent with your filters is one way of letting people know that you are a credible and trusted professional in your niche.

At the end of the day, gaining more Instagram video views, followers and likes isn't just about getting noticed. It is also about getting recognized as a professional. People can easily jump on and off your profile if you didn't appear credible.

Use Local Hashtags

After getting enough Instagram likes, followers, and video views, you'd want to convert them into sales. So, early on, you may want to start using local hashtags. It is a great way to reach out to a certain audience that is near your area and get Instagram video views.

Of course, you have to know what kinds of hashtags are best to use. I had to learn the way hard, but I'll be tipping you off on what to do. Conduct a Google search on "top Instagram accounts in [city]". From there, you will see the kinds of hashtags that most successful Instagram accounts use for their photos.

Tag a Location

I was pretty fond of tagging my exact office address. It took me a while to recognize the power of tagging a specific city or state in my posts.

Tagging a location allows people to discover your photos much easier. Users who are looking for photos situated in a given area may accidentally come across your photo, meaning to say that you will get a shot at inviting them to your Instagram account.


I took the fast lane and bought Instagram followers, likes and video views from FB Bureau. Many users have served as a witness to the high-quality photos and videos I posted on Instagram which don't disappear after a month or so. What about you? Are you going to wait for your brand to grow organically or are you ready to convert those followers into sales?

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