Instagram Video Views, Followers and Likes: What You Need to Post

    Table of Contents:
  1. Use Popular Hashtags
  2. Write a Clever Video Description
  3. Use Instagram Video Ads
  4. Conclusion
Instagram Video Views, Followers and Likes: What You Need to Post

While Instagram is considered to be a great platform to gain public exposure, there are only a few companies that manage to garner sufficient Instagram video views, followers and likes, which are the main ingredients needed to make the most out of social media marketing.

Just like most social media marketers, I didn't have trouble getting my first few Instagram video views, followers and likes. I only struggled with growing them. For instance, how does one turn 100 Instagram followers to 1,000 followers? Let me share with you the tactics that helped boost my online reputation in a little over a month.

Use Popular Hashtags

With a platform like Instagram, you rely heavily on using hashtags to make your posts visible to users.

A good hashtag had always helped my posts get more Instagram video views, but it is only with a witty hashtag that people are actually compelled to view my videos.

On the other hand, popular hashtags can also be used to create a video topic. Since these topics get plenty of searches, your video is bound to hit the target more easily.

Write a Clever Video Description

Despite being a visual platform, Instagram placed the description section for a reason, and that is to draw users in. Unfortunately, not many people are taking advantage of this great feature.

Just like many people, I used to neglect the description part due to the excitement of publishing a new post. I changed that routine ever since I learned the influence of description on getting more Instagram likes on videos.

Even though people are naturally drawn to visuals, unless they know what the video is about, they will not think that it is important. The video description is a great opportunity for you to convince people that your video is worth watching. Here are some tips on how to write a clever video description:

  • Use hashtags
  • Prioritize the engaging details
  • Expand your visibility by tagging and mentioning influencers on the description section
  • The description should be the appropriate length, not to short, but certainly not too long either

Use Instagram Video Ads

Running Instagram ads isn't an organic way of acquiring more Instagram followers, views and likes, but it is certainly one of the most effective. If you have a campaign that you want to be discovered, running several video ads is the way to go.

Video ads may cost a bit of money, but Instagram is statistically proven to have more user engagement compared to other platforms. I, along with other marketers, highly recommend it.


What happens after gaining several Instagram video views, followers and likes? You have to grow it further. One of the fastest and most beneficial ways to do that is by purchasing video views from FB Bureau.

At the end of the day, it is not just about luring people to your content. It is also about proving your relevance. The more video views you have, the more chance you have of convincing prospects that you are a relevant and credible professional in your niche.

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