Tips on How to Get More Instagram Followers, Likes and Video Views

Tips on How to Get More Instagram Followers, Likes and Video Views

I used to think so long as I use Instagram, getting my desired results would come naturally, but just like most novice marketers, I was left under the dirt. I'm telling you, in today's business arena, it is essential to make use of engaging visual content to create a highly-targeted strategy for your brand, and Instagram so happens to be among the best tools out there which can help. However, your journey will only prove to be successful once you gain a decent amount of Instagram followers, likes, and video views.

Unfortunately, getting Instagram followers and likes isn't easy. I, myself, struggled to get my first subscribers. I would have given up on the Instagram marketing concept if only I didn't discover these simple tactics that can make a difference in getting more Instagram followers.

Post at the Right Time

I first thought that posting photos every day was sufficient to gain Instagram likes, followers and video views. As I went on, I learned how essential timing is in one's Instagram strategy.

Chances are if you post a photo at a certain time when people aren't usually online, then by the time that they log in, the photo will be covered up with newer posts.

Iconosquare is an Instagram tool that can help you assess the times when users are interacting with your posts.

Use the Right Filter

Posting at the right time can only prove to be effective if your post has a certain hook to it. Just like other people, I rely on different filters to upgrade the appeal of my photo, but whilst I grew as a marketer I realized there are only a number of filters that are appropriate for Instagram advertising. These filters are:

  • Amaro
  • X-Pro II
  • Lark
  • Valencia
  • Ludwig
  • Gingham
  • Clarendon
  • Juno
  • Lo-fi

1. Master the Art of Hashtags

Using hashtags is one way to get Instagram video views, followers and likes. Most people would simply type popular hashtags on their Instagram search box and then proceed to exploring beautiful photos.

As a marketer in need of some Instagram video views, I recommend you take advantage of this feature, seeing as this can increase your chances of getting discovered by disparate types of people.

The best part is that if someone lands on your hashtag, chances are he has a certain degree of interest in your niche.

2. Buy Your Followers, Like, and Video Views

It is one thing to gain your first few followers, and it is another thing to actually grow them. Gaining several followers means that you are starting to get noticed, but growing them means that people have begun to trust you.

One of the perks of buying followers is people will think that you are influential. Influence is a poignant factor in marketing. As you build credibility, it becomes easier to convert followers into sales.


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