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What is Twitter?

Taking a look at the Twitter might change our overall opinion about the social networks. Twitter is hugely popular network with more impact than we think. It is the place where people comment and share messages about everything.

Politics, personal views, travel experiences, religious orientations... All popular topics are the subject of short messages that do not exceed 280 characters. Users write within this limited number of characters and the reactions are sometimes astonishing. Millions of followers can follow a single profile. The popularity is easy to get if you have something interesting to say.

How does it work?

Once you create the profile, you are able to post messages and those can receive likes. At the beginning, you might want to follow some users you like. Popular sportsmen, TV persons or favorite authors could be your favorite people and you are able to follow them.

All the news from these persons will be part of your own news feed, so you can see what's new. You can create your personal list of favorites, so the news is coming to you in a refined way. Most of the times, you will read, like or comment on the network, which is part of numerous options here.

While reading other's posts, you can get the ideas of what to write on your own profile. That could be your thought about popular situation or simple opinion about the morning jogging. You are free to write about anything that affects you in a certain way.

What do users get?

With Twitter, some users get the instant popularity. One good stream of interesting posts may change the life tremendously. Users who have a lot of followers usually gained popularity on the social network. They were not popular on TV or other media.

With this fact in mind, we can say that Twitter can give you some serous recognition. It is good if you want to make some additional money while using that popularity. Presenting of the things you like is easier with Twitter and all users create one special environment where the message can really affect millions of people.

What is Twitter?
Twitter Birds are Tweeting

Is it worth the time?

Twitter is definitely valuable for all of those who like social connections. It is one of the most popular ways of microblogging and that is what puts Twitter on the top. Everyone is able to make a small blog about the everyday life.

This kind of microblogging makes people more exposed to the public eye. The more you "tweet", the more chances are rising. Followers, likes and comments can make you a real super star. That is why Twitter represents a powerful network. It's also possible to buy retweets, followers and likes at FB Bureau.

All these aspects are creating the social service with strong influence like Twitter has in the whole world. You are not just another person behind the screen. You are the person who can change the overall opinion about the subjects that matter.

Or you could be the next entertainer or an eccentric writer. No matter what you want to be on Twitter, the social impact is noticeable and that is why Twitter is representing a huge gathering spot of all different influencers across the globe.

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