Helpful Tips to Attract More Twitter Followers, Likes, and Retweets

    Table of Contents:
  1. Completed my Twitter Profile
  2. Promoted My Twitter Account on other Social Media Platforms
  3. Tweet About Events
Helpful Tips to Attract More Twitter Followers, Likes, and Retweets

Gaining more Twitter likes, followers, and retweets can help us in widening our business' reach. However, I realized that getting followers is both complicated and straightforward task. Maybe I can get millions and millions of followers but only a few of them are reading my tweets, and some interested individuals are utterly useless. That is why I made a strategy on how to gain the right followers for my account.

Before I enumerate the strategies that I used in gaining more Twitter likes and followers, you should know that it required me a lot of patience and effort in reaching my goal.

Here are the strategies that I used to help me gain more Twitter retweets, likes and followers:

Completed my Twitter Profile

If I have to put myself in the shoes of the "majority of people", I will first check the Twitter profile of every person or business before I click on the "follow" button. I will see who they are, what they do and how do I contact them. From that idea, I came up with my first strategy - I completed my Twitter profile. This is the first step before I decided to buy Twitter followers, likes, and retweets.

  • Name - Not all of us is given the usernames that we want so instead of whining about it, maybe we can just focus on creating the perfect profile name. What I did was I chose a profile name that reflects our brand.
  • Bio - Twitter only gives a maximum of 160 characters for the bio, so I made sure to include all essential information about myself or my business.
  • Location - It is essential so that people will know where to find me.
  • Website - Putting a link to my blog or website can give people the idea of how to find out more about my business.
  • Profile Picture - Everyone on the internet can see my profile picture, so I made sure to resize it correctly. I chose the size 400x400 pixels so that my existing and potential followers can see me.
  • Header Image - I chose an image that is not pixelated to avoid getting the impression from my followers that I am not professional. Using a pixelated image can affect the number of Twitter followers, likes and, retweets that I get.
  • Pinned Tweet - Pinning the captivating tweet has also helped me gain more followers. I always choose from my tweets that have earned the most likes and retweets to attract more followers.

Promoted My Twitter Account on other Social Media Platforms

I embedded a link to my Twitter account on other social media sites, so potential Twitter followers can quickly go to my profile without leaving the page they're on. By doing so I can easily attract more Twitter followers, likes and, retweets. I did not just tell them to follow me but I gave them a reason to do so. For example, I will post on Facebook that those who follow me on Twitter will receive discount cards.

Tweet About Events

If my business is hosting an event or I am attending one, I make sure to tweet about it and include the official event hashtag. After that, I will track those who posted relevant hashtags about the event to find more potential followers that I could interact with and share the same interest.

I followed those strategies to attract more Twitter followers, likes, and retweets. Reaching my goal did not happen overnight, so I had to be patient and work hard for it. However, if you are not as patient as I am, you can consider buying followers on Twitter at FB Bureau.

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