How to Get Celebrities to Follow You on Twitter?

    Table of Contents:
  1. The Twitter Application
  2. Installing the Twitter Application
  3. Following and Unfollowing on Twitter
  4. Famous Celebrities on Twitter
  5. How to Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Twitter in 9 Steps?
How to Get Celebrities to Follow You on Twitter?
It's possible to get celebs to follow you on Twitter

How to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter? We will answer this for you in a while but first read the following. We are always on the lookout for awesome life hacks that we can try to help us survive our daily routines.

Since change is a never ending process, we tend to cope with these changes by exhausting all means of accessing information which is new to us. This information will help us adjust and change the things that hold us back in life.

These days, tech-savvy people often make use of various kinds of technologies to cope with these changes. We use high-tech gadgets to help us survive our daily routines.

These gadgets make things easier and less complex for us. But we need to make sure that we have the proper precautions in using these things to avoid making the problems worse.

We don't just use plain technology to cope with the world today. These technologies are necessary tools to make applications work. People often favor certain brands or models for these devices because they have a lot of useful the applications.

In some context, applications play a bigger role than the technologies themselves. But it is also a fact that we cannot use these applications without these efficient devices. That is why it is a give-and-take relationship.

Twitter is one of the best applications created today. This application enables over 3 billion people in the world to connect with each other.

A study from China says that only over 1.59 billion users are active in sharing, posting, and using the application.

It is indeed true that Twitter is a one of a kind smartphone application that can be used by anyone who has understood its terms and conditions. Otherwise, penalties and sanctions will be applied.

Following and unfollowing are some of the features of Twitter which may enable and disable certain restrictions on a person's account.

Since celebrities also use the application, we will teach you how to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter.

The Twitter Application

Twitter is an online news and social networking service that enables its users to get in touch, interact, and connect with one another through various techniques such as posting, tagging, and direct messaging. However, unlike other social media platforms, Twitter places a 280-character limit on all posts.

Twitter is used to highlight some of the thoughts of the user who hope that somewhere out there, there is someone who is feeling or thinking the same way.

Twitter's purpose is to post phrases, pictures, and videos to inform everyone about what a person thinks.

It is used by several people such as teenagers, business owners, professionals, adults, and even celebrities. The application requires account owners to be both clever and concise due to the short nature of its posting capacity.

No matter who you are, you only have 140-characters at your disposal to post your ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and advise. The application is created for the purpose of breaking the barrier of communication.

Since we are living in a freer world, the freedom of speech is highly encouraged by many to hear the voices of people with many things to say.

But some people do not know how to use Twitter properly. Others use the application to bully other people, and some use the application to destroy lives.

However, you can rest assured that everything is monitored and a corresponding penalty will be applied when the terms and conditions are violated.

We should make sure that before using the application, we have read and understood every single word in the terms and conditions.

We should also be open-minded about the posts and things that might disturb us. We should also think first before we post anything that can hurt our reputation or the feelings of other people.

Installing the Twitter Application

How to Get a Celeb to Follow You on Twitter?
Learn how a celeb will follow you

Most of Twitter users have joined the community because they want to get in touch with various celebrities such as Taylor Swift, the Kardashians, Ellen DeGeneres, and even President Donald Trump.

There are ways on how to get a celebrity to follow you on Twitter, but first, you need to install the application first on your smartphone.

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a free app that you can download from the Google Play store/ iTunes Store.

If you own a smartphone, just simply visit the Google Play store and look for Twitter on the search bar.

Twitter is the application with a blue bird icon. When you see the application, tap to automatically download it.

Once it is downloaded on your smartphone, the application will automatically install, and you can open it once it is ready.

Create an account in order for you to open the application. Once your account is already open, you will be directed to your profile.

Now that you have set up your Twitter account, you may now follow celebrities, but don't expect them to follow you back since not every celebrity is the same.

But there are some techniques on how to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter which will be elaborated on the next part.

Following and Unfollowing on Twitter

It is an important thing to remember that before we can view posts from a specific person, we should follow him or her first. Following will enable us to access and see the profile of a person.

This will allow you to see their posts, pictures, and videos. In some cases, it will also enable you to message the person. Unfollowing, on the other hand, will disable all these things.

Before other people can see our posts, they should also follow you. You may set your account to private to limit the people who can see your posts.

Meanwhile, some people may want their followers to be significant people. This now includes celebrities, but just like what was said earlier, it is a hard task to make celebrities follow you.

It is not enough that you follow the celebrity for them to follow you back. They will often need a compelling reason to follow you since they are busy people and as much as they want to follow back each fan, doing so can result in a very cluttered feed.

But by following the effective ways on how to get a celebrity follow you on Twitter, it will be assured that at the end of the day significant celebrities will follow you.

Famous Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter's population is getting larger and larger every day. Using the app, account owners can update everyone about their interesting lives. The application can introduce us to new friends that we never had.

In this case, celebrities, whose lives are often interesting, use Twitter to give their followers updates about them.

They use the app to inspire lives around the world with their thoughts and beautiful photos. While posting about your lunch or coffee is fun for you, imagine how cooler it is to see what your favorite celebrity is doing or eating? Thanks to Twitter, you can find out with a simple tap.

Celebrities such as actors, singers, and fashion icons have their own Twitter to share, inspire and inform.

Since they are busy people, there are things we should consider on how to get a celeb follow you on Twitter, specifically the specified icons.

How to Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Twitter in 9 Steps?

How to Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Twitter?
It's doable to get celebs to follow you, but it's not easy!

Since we are mesmerized by the performance of our favorite celebrities, sometimes we want to be closer to them.

One way is by attending their concerts, but that is not very convenient since not all celebrities have the time to travel around the world to present shows.

It is a good thing that Twitter was created because it gives us a chance to be closer to our favorite national and international celebrities.

Since we really idolize these people, it is a big deal for us if they follow us on Twitter as well. But you only have a very small chance of success of getting them to follow us, unless you follow these steps on how to get a celeb follow you on Twitter.

  1. You should follow first the celebrity on Twitter. Of course, the celebrity will never notice you unless you will make the first move. Remember that there are so many users on Twitter and there is a minimum chance for them to notice you.
  2. Be attentive enough to know how these celebrities use their Twitter accounts. You should know how frequent they post, how often they update, what time do they usually post, their likes on Twitter and everything that is significant to them.
  3. You should engage with the celebrity.
  4. Know the reason why you idolize this celebrity. Since you want to be close to him or her, you should at least know why you like this icon.
  5. Tag the celebrity in your posts. This will inform them that someone really cares about them through small things.
  6. Use @ when Tweeting praiseworthy posts. Just like in number 5, small things do count, and when we congratulate them, it is one way of showing them that their achievements are also important to their dedicated fans.
  7. Be creative and use jokes to highlight your tweets. There is a huge chance that you will make this celebrity happy and reply to your tweet. In most cases, it will be a reason for them to follow you.
  8. Never be afraid to ask your favorite celebrity questions. Since engaging with them is really important, you should ask clever and insightful questions to build a good relationship through constant and meaningful conversations.
  9. Inform your followers on Twitter about the success of the celebrity. This will be remembered by the celebrity, which will increase your chance to be followed by them. Sometimes, good things are achieved through hard work, and you should make an effort if you really want to get them to follow you on Twitter.

At the end of the day, there are really good things that will happen if we follow steps. This information is very precious, so you should follow them to the letter.

These steps are really effective when understood and followed right. So what are you waiting for? Try it now to get your favorite celebrity to follow you back on Twitter!