Strategies for Getting More Twitter Retweets, Followers, and Likes

    Table of Contents:
  1. Write Engaging Tweets
  2. Add Viral Phrases and Words
  3. Choose the Appropriate Hashtags
  4. Limit Tweet's Character Count
  5. Add Videos or Photos
Strategies for Getting More Twitter Retweets, Followers, and Likes

Getting more Twitter retweets, followers, and likes can engage more users to like and follow the Twitter profile as well. Aside from that, more and more people will know about the person or the company which is very good for any business to grow. With that in mind, we came up with a short list of various practical strategies that will help in getting more retweets on Twitter.

Here are some strategies that I found useful to get more Twitter retweets, followers, and likes:

Write Engaging Tweets

Writing engaging tweets with a conversational tone can help in getting more cheap Twitter likes, followers and retweets. However, it should be kept professional but not too formal. We avoid business jargons as much as possible. That is why we should write our tweets like we are talking with them and not at them. If Twitter users mention our username on any of their tweets, we see to it that we would take time to reply to every one of them as well.

In addition to that, adding some humor and essential content on tweets can make them retweet-worthy. Thus, it can help in getting more Twitter retweets, followers, and likes.

Add Viral Phrases and Words

Even though the tweets are supposed to be about the company or us, it's better to use some topics that can help get Twitter likes and retweets. In a recent study, it showed that tweets which tell people to do something, tweets with superlatives and how-to contents often went viral. Incorporating those into an interactive content can help get more retweets because most people are likely to click and engage if they see those viral words or phrases.

Choose the Appropriate Hashtags

It is recommended to use short but easy-to-remember hashtags. There are many existing viral hashtags to choose from, but we must pick one which we can integrate into something that people would inevitably talk about after they read it. We should limit to using two hashtags in one tweet, as using more than that can lower engagement rate. That is why choosing the right hashtag should be carefully planned.

Limit Tweet's Character Count

In fact, there is no assurance that a particular kind of tweet-length can increase user engagement. However, according to Track Social, the perfect length of a tweet is around 100 characters. If we follow what Track Social said, we can increase our engagement level to up to 17% and we can increase our Twitter followers as well.

Add Videos or Photos

As we can see on Twitter, we are allowed not only to write a tweet, but also to share a photo or video as well. We can come up with an original image or video, or we can share an existing video on YouTube. We just have to make sure that the video will be attractive enough for our followers to retweet. According to buffer, tweets with good quality images gained up to 150% more retweets last year.

Achieving our goal to get more Twitter retweets, followers, and likes requires a lot of effort, patience, and planning. We can't just sit and wait. We have to do something to make it happen. Fortunately, we can always go to FB Bureau to get more retweets on Twitter fast and effortless.

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