Things to Avoid When Getting Twitter Likes, Followers, and Retweets

    Table of Contents:
  1. Do not use Twitter to Make Hard Sales
  2. Do not Ignore Conversations About the Company or Yourself
  3. Do not Over-tag
  4. Avoid Inconsistency
  5. Avoid Spam
  6. Do not use a Generic Business Profile
  7. Do not Protect Your Posts
Things to Avoid When Getting Twitter Likes, Followers, and Retweets

Twitter likes, followers, and retweets are the basis of our engagement level. When we are managing our Twitter accounts the right way, we can build a relationship with our customers and market leaders. Here are the things that we should avoid doing on our Twitter profile:

Do not use Twitter to Make Hard Sales

Twitter works as a "pull" marketing tool that entertains, excites and engages the audience to our business. We should not do the direct selling and avoid posting things like that. If we do this on a daily basis, people may get irritated and we will have lesser Twitter followers.

Do not Ignore Conversations About the Company or Yourself

It is essential to reply to every customer's messages and feedback; may it be a positive comment or a negative one. We should see to it that we respond to every comment that our followers mentioned us in. If there are negative comments, provide empathy and clarification to avoid more damage to the brand in public.

Do not Over-tag

Although we are on Twitter to get more visibility and our main goal is to have more Twitter retweets, followers, and likes, it is not acceptable to tag everyone in a post. If people think that the tweet is not relevant to them in any way, they will choose to unfollow us.

Avoid Inconsistency

When we have an existing Twitter profile, it means that we should manage it responsibly to attract more Twitter likes, followers, and retweets. We can do this by tweeting entertaining content or retweeting relevant content. If we fail to be consistent in updating our Twitter profile, it can lead to lower engagement and more people clicking the "unfollow" button.

Our goal here is to increase our visibility, and we can achieve this by tweeting consistently and regularly. We can post things that are educational, or we can give our followers a sneak peek at upcoming sales and discounts. By doing so, they will be engaged to check out our page now and then for latest updates.

Avoid Spam

We hate spam, and so do the customers. We should avoid posting "push" contents that include things like buying this, buy that. People will see it as irrelevant content that does not entertain them at all. The worst case scenario could be our page would be reported or flagged down. We could have mentioned in the previous number to post consistently, but displaying regularly irrelevant contents will probably not get Twitter likes, followers, and retweets.

Do not use a Generic Business Profile

Twitter gave us an opportunity to customize business profiles based on our preference. We have to make sure that our profile clearly shows what our business is all about. Best foot forward, everyone!

Do not Protect Your Posts

Since we are in the business industry, we should keep our posts open to the public so that everyone can gain access and we can get more Twitter retweets. Protecting posts is an unproductive strategy because your followers won't see the sense of following you in the first place.

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