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What is YouTube?

YouTube is a service that is known all over the world. It allows everyone to upload and share video files.

With it, you can post, edit, comment and watch videos on the Internet. Today YouTube is rightfully considered the most popular video hosting in the world. Plus, this site takes the third place in attendance.

More than four million people visit this resource every day. In order to use YouTube, simply register there. Registration allows you to rate other users' videos, send your content and create whole channels.

Creation of Your Own Channel

If you have already decided that you would like to create your own project and publish video content to it, then you need to anticipate certain moments in advance.


In order for the project to be interesting for other users, in advance, think over the most important thing - the theme of your channel. It would seem that the future of your platform depends on such a small detail.

No one is interested when there is "porridge" on the channel from various topics that don't disclose complete information about what you are telling about. Choose the theme in which you have something to say, which you clearly understand. And only then interested people will come to the channel and watch your new videos.


Making one video per month, you are almost guaranteed to lose your audience. Almost all bloggers who have succeeded, say that the optimal number of videos is one video per week. By sticking to this pace you can recruit new viewers without pushing away existing ones.

If you don't have subscribers, then you should think about increasing the number of videos per week, to create your own database, which will attract new views and subscribers. You can also buy YouTube subscribers from FB Bureau to speed things up a little bit.

What is YouTube?
YouTube Channel Logo


Many argue that in the initial stages it is quite difficult to recruit an audience, so you need to think about advertising and collaboration with other channels. Find the channel with approximately the same audience and similar content, and offer that user a mutual PR. You don't lose anything, just share the audience, and receive for your channel new users.

Setting Up Your Profile

If you have already created your own channel, then you need information on how to configure it and how to create an attractive appearance for your platform.

The most important thing that potential subscribers sees is the channel cap, its name, subject and profile icon.

Please note that the channel cap should contain a title, a thematic image or a sketch that characterizes the channel's theme and a couple of words about what the viewer can attract.

For example, the schedule to release new series of your videos, any interesting facts, or motivational phrases. The first impression received by the viewer is important enough, as it determines if the user will even watch your videos.

As for image on the icon, this is your business card. Your photo, logo or bright picture, no matter what it will be, most importantly has to match the subject of the project and has good image quality.

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