3 Steps to Get YouTube Likes, Dislikes, Subscribers and Views

    Table of Contents:
  1. Step Number One: Let's Optimize our Videos
  2. Step Number Two: Connect and Be in Authority
  3. Step Number Three: Call to Action
3 Steps to Get YouTube Likes, Dislikes, Subscribers and Views

Getting high quality YouTube likes, dislikes, subscribers, and views are the next things we need to think about once we start a career as a YouTuber. We now have a YouTube channel and tons of great ideas for amazing content. All of us would want to earn viewers and subscribers, but don't know how to start. So here are some easy steps to get our share of YouTube dislikes, views, likes, and subscribers.

Step Number One: Let's Optimize our Videos

Creativity vs. Clickbaits - This is especially helpful to newbies who are mostly unheard of on YouTube. This can help us get those YouTube subscribers, dislikes, likes and views. When people search for certain types of videos or just browse through the category pages, the video that grabs more attention earn more views and likes. We should come up with an eye-catching title for viewers to click on our videos.

Now, there is a huge difference between using clickbait and applying pure creativity. Using clickbait had been effective in its early years, but now it's mostly looked down upon, and people who use this trick normally experience a backlash in the comments and get bombarded with thumbs downs.

Use Cool Thumbnails - We can use customized thumbnails to give our videos a more interesting look. For example, I can get really creative and show a glimpse of what my video has in store for my viewers. This would get them excited and warmed up, ready to give me an increased number of YouTube views, and thus more likes and subscribers. In the case of others, you can also hire someone who can make one for you if you're not really into editing.

Use Keywords in Your Description and Transcribe! - The description of your video is there for a reason! That is where you put important stuff that you are not able to put on your title. We may not know this, but this can help in generating YouTube dislikes, likes, subscribers and views.

Tell something about your video and how it would be useful. Use commonly searched keywords or phrases in your description. This increases the chance for your videos to turn up when users are searching for certain information or criteria.

It would also be helpful for us to transcribe our videos. Same with our video description, transcribing our videos would be helpful to optimize it when people use the search bar or search engines in general.

Step Number Two: Connect and Be in Authority

As a YouTuber, I would focus on a certain niche and be consistent with it. This is one effective way in how I can get more YouTube views, dislikes, subscribers and likes. This gives people an idea of what to expect from me and which channel to go to when looking for videos of that type.

We need to be consistent with our niche and the quality of our content. This would help optimize our videos and include them in the suggested videos related to others of the same kind. Let's take authority in our niche and be someone who others would turn to when it comes to it.

Aside from being in authority, we should make ourselves very likeable to our YouTube subscribers. We can interact with them through our videos by responding to their feedback and thanking them for those likes.

Step Number Three: Call to Action

Now that we have viewers and can connect to them in a personal level, it would be easier for us to convince them to give you those YouTube likes, dislikes, views, and subscribers!

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