How to See Your Subscribers on YouTube?

    Table of Contents:
  1. How to See Subscribers in YouTube?
  2. How to See Who Your Subscribers Are on YouTube?
  3. How to See my Subscribers on YouTube?
  4. How to Check Your Subscribers on YouTube?
  5. Conclusion
How to See Your Subscribers on YouTube?
Learn how to check your subscribers on YT

How to see your subscribers on YouTube? One of the most popular sites we see on the Internet today is YouTube. The best thing about it is it's free.

All you have to do is visit YouTube, and you can watch all the videos uploaded by subscribers on YT from all over the world.

With all the video sites around the Internet, YouTube maintains its dominance not only because it went ahead of the others, but because it developed more ways for a subscriber to be totally satisfied.

Regardless of what other sites can offer internet users, they are more inclined to go and watch videos on YouTube.

Before you learn how to view subscribers on YouTube, you should first get more access to YouTube features by creating your own account.

Video lovers or watchers do not only enjoy watching videos, or creating and uploading them; they also want to know who the subscribers to a certain video are.

It goes to say that YouTube is not only about uploading videos, watching them and getting notifications, or saving these videos for a later time wherein you can make your own playlist and enjoy an uninterrupted stream of your favorites. It also knows who your subscribers are or who subscribes to the same video as you do.

By now, you already know that to start watching a video on YouTube, one only has to start typing a keyword or keyword phrases on the Search box to find the video of their choice.

These videos are arranged in alphabetical order according to their categories; like the artist (some videos are sung by different artists), how it is played (instrumental, a remix; with lyrics written on the screen, or a karaoke version.

The video's ranking can also be viewed on the same screen. There are also trending topics that you can find on YouTube.

These things can be done with a click on your account dashboard. You can also leave your comments in the comments section you can find below the video you have just watched.

You can also just give it the thumbs up or thumbs down the sign. But what about learning how to check your subscribers on YouTube?

Here are some tips and I suggest that you open a YouTube page, so it will be easier to learn them.

How to See Subscribers in YouTube?

While not all video owners or uploaders welcome the idea of being viewed or subscribed to, they can also, at their discretion, disable this feature on their YouTube account.

Many viewers are drawn to YouTube as they could find a video on almost any topic uploaded in the in the web.

Moreover, it is interactive in the sense that they also allow viewers to give their comments and reactions towards the video it by clicking either a thumbs up or thumbs down icon below the number of YT views that the video already has.

However, the question that usually comes to our minds is, "How do I check subscribers on YouTube? "

If you love watching a particular video, you would be happy and relieved of the fact that you're not the only one who subscribes to it.

It somewhat gives the feeling of belongingness to a person or a group who has the same interest like you do.

Coming from the perspective of a video "uploader" he is also curious if indeed the video he has uploaded are worthy of some reviews and subscription or who loves to watch the same video he does.

Or even if you have not uploaded the video, Certainly, you would also be interested and will be asking the question, "How do I see my subscribers on YouTube?" Is It possible to know who they are?

How to See Who Your Subscribers Are on YouTube?

How to find out who your subscribers are on YouTube is easy. The answer is there right on the YouTube page you have just opened.

The first thing you should do is to make sure you are logged in to your YouTube account. You can do this by opening or clicking on your profile on the top-right portion of the page in the same row with the notification and upload icons. Then, type in the address bar shown on top,

Once the page opens, you will be able to see who your subscribers are on YouTube. Some of these subscribers may have their pictures shown on their profiles while some do not, but it's okay.

What is important is that you there are subscribers to your video, and you also have to chance to know them.

How to See my Subscribers on YouTube?

How to View Subscribers on YouTube?
Viewing YT subscribers is easy to do

If you're asking yourself "how to see my subscribers on YouTube?", you may also consider doing the following:

  1. Open the YouTube channel homepage. Sign in to your Google Account, and when you open the channel, this will automatically lead you to your personal YouTube page.
  2. Look for your video in the Search box.
  3. Once you do, click on your profile/profile picture. This is found on the top-right portion of the page.
  4. Click Creator Studio.
  5. Click Community.
  6. Click Subscribers.

Another way is to go at the top of the screen, and there you will see in blue underlined letters, click on the word SUBSCRIBERS.

Or on the homepage at the top-right corner, you will find "Hi (your name)!" Account, History, Help, Log Out, Site. Just click on ACCOUNT.

Then, go to the heading "Contacts & Subscribers." It will then provide a list of subheadings; i.e.

  1. My Contacts
  2. My Subscribers
  3. Blocked Users
  4. Invite Friends

That seems to be easier as you get to create a list of your contacts or create/add one. Now if you are only interested with your subscribers you might as well go to that option.

The whole thing can be interactive in some ways as you also get the chance to post your comments and answer some comments on the page.

And the current list of subscribers that you have can be added by inviting friends to watch your video; or you may also limit or choose to block some users from your post.


However, always make sure that you are signed in to your account.

Go to your Profile Picture. You can see this in the top-right corner of the YouTube page.

Click on the Creator Studio option found below your name in a drop-down menu. This will lead you to the channel's statistics page where you will see the number of viewers for your video.

Click on Community tab on the left side of the page, that's below the option "Live Streaming."

On the Community option, there are sub-options to consider; i.e., "Comments," "Messages," "Subscribers," "Community Settings," and "Credits."

Select "Subscribers." Click on that one, and there you will see be able to view subscribers who have opted to subscribe to the channel.

A "No subscribers to display" will be shown on the channel if it does not have any subscribers.

Bonus: You may even opt to arrange or organize your subscribers by clicking the inverted diamond icon that you'll find in the top-right corner of the "Subscribers" page.

After which you can select in the manner you want it classified, such as "Most Recent" or Most Popular."

How to Check Your Subscribers on YouTube?

How to Check Subscribers on YouTube?
Follow our tips to check your YT subscribers easily

Another question may pop up to your mind by now such as "How to check subscribers on YouTube? Checking on the subscribers to your video follows almost the same procedure as knowing how to view subscribers on YouTube.

After you've signed in to your account, go to "My Subscribers"; then you will be able to get a view of your subscribers. This time you need not go to the "Creator Studio" anymore.

As always, make you are logged in to your account. This can be done by clicking on the sign in button on the upper right corner of the YouTube page.

If you still have not signed in to your YouTube account, click "Sign in" in the top-right corner of the web page.

Once you click on your profile, which is found on the left side of the page will be able to see the "Subscribers" option.

Click on that, and your channel will display the list of your subscribers. Still, if your channel does not have any subscribers, this page will also inform you and say "No subscribers to display."

You can check on your subscribers by tapping on the Dashboard option on the left side of the page. Once it opens, you can see your profile name on top, the videos on your search query, tips or any notifications regarding your searched video, and the comments portion are all listed below your profile name.

The details of the video are also shown below including watch time in minutes, number of views, and the number of subscribers. Likewise, you will also find news and alerts in your profile.


After learning all the steps above and knowing how to see your subscribers on YouTube, you can practically monitor them each time you sign in to your account, or if there is some video, you love to watch you can check on the list of subscribers for that video to see who's watching it.

There are many actions you can do to customize your YouTube experience. It does not limit you from viewing your own subscriptions, you can actually see who your subscribers are and check on them anytime.