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Best Fortnite Stat Trackers

The feeling of competitiveness among the players is what keeps the game alive. Building on that, have you ever wondered how absurd would it be to indulge in a game where you could not compare your stats or progress with the top players. Surely enough, that would not be anyone’s favorite game to play.

Until epic provide us with a stat tracking system to ensure that players can track their progress and compare it with the performance of other players on the leaderboard, several third party sites have developed their own and the best Fortnite stat trackers.

With these trackers on the row, it has become relatively easy for the hardcore players to keep a track record of your gaming data ranging from your average kill/death ratio per game to the number of kills with a specific weapon. You can keep a detailed record of a multitude of things that are otherwise not available in your game profile.

Here are the best Fortnite stat trackers available to date.

Best Stat Trackers for Fortnite

Fortnite Tracker Network (

The most comprehensive and detailed site of all is the Fortnite Tracker, run by Tracker Network. This site flashes a plethora of data and stats when you tap on your profile. The details available on the site include everything from your overall kill/death ratio, win percentage per mode to your stats across each season.

The best part of Fortnite Tracker is its TRN rating; it is similar to the ELO ranking system that tells you about your standing among all other players. Generally, the best players are found at a 5000 mark. In addition to that, an additional advantage of this site is that you can team up with other players in your area using the LFG tab and level up your game.

Storm Shield (

Storm Shield is similar to the Fortnite Tracker in many ways, but unlike the latter Storm Shield provides a much cleaner and user-friendly image to the eyes of the user. It provides you with a brilliant leaderboard that allows you to compare your performance with that of the top players.

Storm Shield is by far the best choice if you are planning to keep a detailed record of the items available at the game store since it stacks up to all the information regarding when an item was last seen in the store and when it will be next available based on trends.

Fortnite Stats (

This site provides you with a more unobstructed view of stats. The presentation of data in the form of colorful charts is appealing to the human eye and hence makes it stand out among all other websites. The weapon stats produced by the site is one of its exclusive features.


What makes it different from others is that it is an android only app, although a similar version is also available on iOS. It enables you to keep a track record of your game from anywhere in the world.


These are some of the best Fortnite stat trackers available online. So, why wait any longer for epic to release the tracking system when you can be your critique progress and improve your overall performance.

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Best Fortnite Landing Spots

A good landing spot is critical in a game of Fortnite, as it can play instrumental in deciding the fate of the rest of your game. If you end up landing in a bad spot, your entire game can go downhill.

The risk v/s reward aspect of a landing spot is the deciding factor that makes it qualified as one. There is usually a lot of maps to cover, therefore to make it to the list of best landing spots in Fortnite. It should fulfill two necessary conditions, one it should have a higher chance of containing all the essential loot chests, and two the spot should be sparsely populated.

In an attempt to find an answer to the most asked question in Fortnite, What’s the best place to land? We have tried to filter down the most popular landing spots on your favorite map and prepared an exclusive Fortnite landing 101 guide.

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Best Landing Spots in Fortnite


The slurpy swamp region, along with its slurp factory, accounts for one of the most valuable landing spots in Fortnite Battle Royale. The swamp and the factory have plenty of slurp juice lying around, which can increase your shields and health without having to use any item. The best part about this drop zone is its proximity to several loot chests.


When it comes to salty spring, it gets mixed opinions from the players. Due to its central location, it becomes one of the most convenient landing spots for the users, and along with its relatively good number of loot chests, some consider it as an ideal drop zone.

Whereas, others argue that the number of loot chests it proposes are not in par with the danger it offers. So, we leave it up to you if you consider it as an ideal drop location for you.


Frenzy Farm is considered a good landing spot by many players in Fortnite as it provides them with several hiding spots and loot chests. This is because one can find all sorts of hay piles, wood, and metal from farm machinery, and they make for an excellent hiding spot. Its central location further strengthens its claim as an ideal landing spot.


This is one of the few locations which can be held responsible for your victory in the battle. With its corner location and tons of buildings and loot chests, it makes for one of the best landing spots Fortnite to hide away and stack your lockers at the same time.


Due to its corner location in the northeast direction, this landing spot provides a certain edge to the players over all others.

What makes this spot triumph over all others apart from regular hiding spots and loot chests is that it consists of weapon upgrade stations, and its two towers serve as an efficient but easy to use the mode of transportation for the players. So, it will be safe to say that landing at this spot can make you fly!


The conclusion we derive from here is that the key to getting ahead of everyone in the game is to land like a pro on the most suitable spot. These are some of the best landing spots Fortnite, which are used time and again by most of the players. Nevertheless, you are always free to choose whatever gets you the win!